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Your donation helps give kids the ability to have access to education in their communities and supplies them with materials, food, transportation, and more. 


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Why we need your support

You can make a major difference by helping families get the necessary resources to provide their kids with education. Your contribution allows kids to access educational opportunities in their locality and equips them with the necessary materials, food, transportation, and more.

265 million +

According to UNESCO the number children around the world for which education is only a dream.


Of the nearly 2 billion youth in the world, one-third are not employed, not in school, and not in formal training for work

Donate Toward Education

Donate now and help us make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need. Together, we can save lives and create a brighter future for all.


Can provide essential supplies like book bags and notebooks


Provides meals to a student for the whole academic year


Can help rehabilitate classrooms


Can support a child for one whole year


Can help set the foundation for a new school class

How can you help?

Your assistance can play a vital role in providing essential aid to families during times of crisis. Your generous contribution enables them to receive life-saving resources during the most critical moments.

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