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Providing quality facilities for 265 underprivileged children to ensure that their surroundings do not limit their capability. 


Less than half 53 million


Pakistan continues to face significant challenges in meeting the educational needs of its population. Half of all adults and two out of every three women are illiterate. The literacy rates are 69.5% and 45.2% for men and women, respectively; this signifies an immense gender imbalance.


Why we need your help



There are an estimated 53 million children in Pakistan between the ages of 5 and 16, and only half are in school. Children often fail to enroll because there is no school near their homes. Where schools exist, they are often in very poor or dangerous conditions, lacking the required number of classrooms and necessary facilities, such as boundary walls, toilets, and water. 


For those in school, learning is not guaranteed, and up to a third of those who enroll drop out by grade 2. Many children receive an education of such poor quality that they can barely read basic sentences or do simple mathematics. Many teachers are poorly trained and lack the support to do their work correctly. Parents and children see no value in investing their time and money in a poor-quality education.


In primary and middle schools, only 29.49% of schools have drinking water facilities, 43.06% have latrine facilities, and only 34.79% have boundary walls. Only 42.28% of schools have buildings in satisfactory condition. The majority of the schools lack basic furniture for students, and what is available is grossly insufficient, dilapidated, and not fit for purpose. Syllabi-based teaching and learning materials are not available.


Why give with HADI Relief?

  • To renovate the school building.
  • To provide brand new, quality furniture for 320 students.
  • To provide school furniture for students and staff.
  • To provide teaching aids.
  • To provide water dispensers for students and staff.

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