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According to UNICEF, there is a persistent global attacks on children, violating basic rules of war. Prolonged conflicts are jeopardizing entire generations’ futures by denying them education, hindering their ability to contribute to their nations and economies, intensifying the crisis for millions of children and their families.


The Challenge


The top talents in the vulnerable communities face more limitations than other talents in other countries.  Globally, a striking 81% of young adults lack access to higher education, primarily due to financial constraints, including high tuition costs, limited scholarships, and living expenses. Visa restrictions for international students further complicate the situation.

When exceptionally talented individuals from vulnerable communities obtain higher education opportunities in the USA or UK, they frequently choose to stay in these countries, creating a talent drain in their home communities. This can have detrimental consequences for those left behind.


About Ibn Haldun


Ibn Haldun University, established in 2015, aims to become a globally renowned “research university” in Turkey. It operates from three key campuses and employs 280 internationally recognized academic staff as of January 2023.

The university includes six faculties and twelve departments, offering various programs. It also hosts numerous research centers and provides preparatory Turkish education for international students.

Languages of instruction are Turkish, Arabic, and English, with elective courses in other languages. Scholarships are available for undergraduate students, and additional awards are granted based on academic achievements.


Why support this program?


HADI Relief and Ibn Haldun have teamed up to launch a scholarship program that’s truly transformative. This program selects high-potential students from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Palestine, and Yemen and offers them access to top-notch education in Turkey. These students will be empowered to create innovative projects aimed at driving positive change as part of their academic journey.

Upon completion, they will return to their communities equipped with the knowledge and skills to ignite transformation. This initiative has the potential to not only change individual lives but also uplift entire vulnerable communities. Your support can make this vision a reality and accelerate positive change. Join us in shaping a brighter future through education and social transformation. Sponsor a student today.

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