School in a Bus

Providing a safe space to educate and provide meals for up to 300 children living in refugee camps in a mobile facility.



Less than half.


10 years into the Syrian crisis, the education of refugee children is still the most challenging need. According to Human Rights Watch (HRW, 2019), less than half of the 631,000 school-aged refugee children in Lebanon are in formal education, with approximately 210,000 in donor-supported public schools and 63,000 in private schools.



Why we need your help


The school in a bus project looks to work within the difficult environment of the refugee camps and revive education for the children. It has been reported that half of the Syrian refugees aged 3–18yrs are out of school and denied this basic right because of the country’s upheaval. With 210,000 school-aged refugees in donor-supported schools, donor support is vital at a time when other systems have failed them.


Inside this incredible bus, we unlock children’s true potential, instill a love for learning and build a solid foundation for them to build for the rest of their lives. We inspire them to dream BIG! Most importantly, we provide psychosocial support to help them deal with trauma and conflict they may have experienced.


Each bus provides up to 300 children with facilities, such as interactive whiteboards, books, and stationery. They are also provided with a healthy balanced meal.



 Why give with HADI Relief?
  • To provide a safe space for 300 children living as refugees in the camp.


  • To provide quality education and psychosocial support in the mobile school.


  • To allow children to build an individual social, emotional, and educational base that affords them social and professional choices in future challenges and opportunities.


  • To reduce poverty of the families of the beneficiaries by relieving them of educational expenses.

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