School on a Boat

The dramatic effect of climate change has increased incidences of flooding in South Asia in recent years. One-third of the area of Bangladesh floods annually during the monsoon season, but extreme floods now cover up to two-thirds of the country.



The upstream areas of the Meghna River house wetland habitats, including rivers, streams, and seasonally flooded

cultivated plains, in addition to wetlands of static water. This makes transportation challenging – flooding roads and paths makes access to essentials such as health facilities, schools, and markets difficult.

During the monsoon season, children find themselves unable to attend school due to these challenges in geography and the negative consequences of extreme weather. Flash floods frequently cause loss and damage to the area’s housing and personal property, which perpetuates the cycle of poverty. Too often, children are forced to drop out of school and work to earn money for their families.

The solution is simple: invest in the innovative “School on a Boat” project.


The school acts as a valuable combination of a school bus and a classroom. It collects children from hard-to-reach wetland areas, and onboard classes are held when it docks at the last destination. With this access, children who would otherwise be unable to attend school now receive a quality education in a safe and effective environment.

How can you help

An annual payment of $160 or a monthly payment of $15 can support a child with tuition and school resources.

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