Hawaii Wildfire Emergency Appeal

Maui is facing one of the deadliest wildfires in over 100 years. They urgently need our support to provide immediate relief and aid to those affected by this disaster.

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  • Deadliest U.S. wildfire in more than a century.
  • Only 3% of the search area has been covered.
  • At least 2,200 buildings were damaged or destroyed.
  • The fire affected 544 structures, most of them homes.
  • As many as 4,500 people are in need of shelter.
  • The wildfires are Hawaii’s deadliest natural disaster in decades.
  • Damage was estimated at close to $6 billion.

A series of destructive wildfires have swept through Hawaii, resulting in widespread destruction and the evacuation of thousands of residents.


The island of Maui, particularly the town of Lahaina, was hit hardest by the fires. The strong winds from Hurricane Dora contributed to the rapid spread of the flames, making containment efforts challenging for firefighters.


These wildfires serve as a somber reminder of how natural disasters can profoundly impact communities.


According to an article by The Washington Post, these fires ravaged hundreds of acres and led to numerous evacuations. Additionally, the flames consumed at least one historic town on Maui. The combination of powerful winds and dry conditions fueled their intensity, creating challenging conditions for fire suppression.


To assist those affected by these devastating wildfires, HADI Relief has partnered with local organizations such as the Muslim Association of Hawaii and a representative from the Hawaii State government. Together, they are providing financial aid to those in need. Ongoing damage assessment is underway, with regular updates on this page to inform individuals about new information regarding damage caused by this natural disaster.


The fires have had a catastrophic impact on the natural surroundings and wildlife within the affected regions. The flames have ravaged residences, buildings, and other properties, resulting in numerous residents being displaced without any shelter.


The wildfires that swept through Lahaina and Maui caused extensive devastation and inflicted significant damage upon this area. A total of 271 structures were annihilated in Lahaina, including homes, establishments, and historical landmarks.


Evacuation and Displacement


Thousands of residents and tourists were forced to leave the region because of the wildfires. Countless individuals were uprooted from their residences and had to find refuge in temporary housing. The fires also caused travel disruptions, with roads and airports being shut down due to the inferno.


The evacuation and displacement of people from their homes and businesses caused significant disruption and hardship.


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