Palestine Emergency

“The situation in Palestine is not just an emergency, it is a tragedy. The ongoing violence and displacement of families is unacceptable and must end. We call on all parties to prioritize the safety and well-being of civilians and to work towards a just and lasting peace for the people of Palestine.” – Filippo Grandi


Palestine in Crisis

11.2.2023: According to officials, over 9,000 people have been killed, 32,000 injured, and over 2,000 are missing in Gaza. The UN reports that 70% of the deaths in Gaza are women and children. Over a million have been displayed. In Gaza, our partners distributed hot meals to feed 50,000 individuals, along with 1,500 bundles of fresh produce and over 800 food parcels. Each of these food parcels is designed to sustain a family of five for a period of six days.
10.29.23: Over 8,000 Palestinians have been killed, more than half are women and children, over 20,000 injured, and over 1.4 million have been displaced and lost their homes.  After 30 hours of blackout and all forms of communication cut, our partners finally gave an update.  The humanitarian situation worsens as fuel and supplies dwindle, impacting life-saving aid operations. Today, our partners distributed a total of 18,000 hot meals. They also distributed 1,500 fresh produce baskets to the Middle Area, Rafah, and Khan Younis. This supply of produce provides support for up to 66,000 meals. 
10.24.23: Over 6,000 Palestinians have been killed in the war, including over 2,300 children, according to officials. Over 100,000 homes have been destroyed or damaged. The World Food Program estimates that $74 million is needed over the next three months just for emergency food assistance alone.
10.19.23: In Gaza, our partners provided 7,500 hot meals, 4,000 food parcels, and 500 vegetable baskets to UNRWA schools in Khan Younis, where displaced families have sought refuge. Additionally, 150 food parcels were delivered to families in Jabalia refugee camp, who had gone without food for two days. More distributions are planned by the team in the days ahead.
They successfully started a generator in the Zawaydeh area of Deir Al Balah which will allow over 100,000 people in the area to get access to clean water. They are also are working to procure, within Gaza, 3,500 cases of water, a total of 21,000 liters, to be distributed to displaced families.
10.12.23: The death toll in Palestine has risen to 1,417 with over 5,600 wounded.  Entire neighborhoods have been reduced to rubble. The bombardment continues and with a ground offensive, the lost of innocent lives is likely to increase.
According to UNOCHA, a minimum of 187,518 individuals have been displaced, either because their homes were destroyed or due to the imminent threat of violence in their communities. A total of 159 homes have been completely demolished, while another 1,210 have suffered severe damage. To provide shelter to internally displaced people (IDPs), eighty-three UNRWA schools are currently in use, housing at least 137,427 individuals. Notably, one of these schools, accommodating 225 people, sustained a direct hit and significant damage on Sunday, but fortunately, no casualties were reported.
On Saturday, October 7, 2023, Palestine experienced a surge in violence, resulting in the loss of more than 230 Palestinian lives and leaving over 1,600 individuals injured. The current situation remains unstable and unpredictable, with the unfortunate expectation that the death toll will continue to rise.
HADI Relief is collaborating with its partners to promptly initiate an emergency response aimed at assisting the families affected by this tragic event.



Why we need your help

The situation in Palestine is deteriorating as suffering and violence have escalated. Airstrikes directed at Gaza and raids conducted in various towns across the West Bank are worsening the situation.

For several years now, our brothers and sisters in Palestine have consistently experienced a rise in violence throughout the year.

Your support and donation will be a lifeline to so many families in Palestine.


Why give with HADI Relief?

HADI Relief is concentrating on procuring food parcels, water, and hygiene kits for displaced families, and coordinating with the UN and other organizations to cover all essential relief areas. Our partners in Gaza are working with local vendors to coordinate immediate purchases of items like food, water, hygiene kits, blankets, and mattresses.


Additionally, our partners will procure medicines, and healthcare supplies for emergency medical services, blood bags, and much-needed psychosocial support for children and families.



Q: How do you get aid into Gaza?

A: We collaborate with partners who have warehouses of emergency relief items. However, these resources are limited, and we need additional emergency aid to reach us, which depends on open borders.

Q: Who does HADI Relief collaborate with locally?

A: We partner with UN-recognized local organizations, enabling them to procure vital resources and services. We also conduct immediate assessments to pinpoint individuals or communities in urgent need of support.

Q: Will my donation go directly to Gaza and the West Bank?

A: Yes, your donation will only be spent on Palestine.

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Let’s not forget our brothers and sisters in Palestine who are struggling to survive. With your donation, we can help provide food, shelter, and medical care to those in need. Every act of generosity can make a difference in their lives.

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