Gaza Emergency

If I must die, you must live to tell my story to sell my things to buy a piece of cloth and some strings, so that a child, somewhere in Gaza while looking heaven in the eye awaiting his dad who left in a blaze– and bid no one farewell not even to his flesh not even to himself– sees the kite, my kite you made, flying up above and thinks for a moment an angel is there bringing back love If I must die let it bring hope let it be a tale. – Refaat Alareer


Palestine Humanitarian in Crisis


The entire population of Gaza has been facing “acute food insecurity,” and “virtually all households are skipping meals every day.” The U.N. has said that one in four people are starving, and nine out of ten families in some areas spend a day and night without food.

In the southern region of Gaza, our partner, Anera, has established five tekias (kitchens) strategically placed in Rafah and Khan Younis. These kitchens, equipped with a team of skilled chefs and assistants, tirelessly prepare numerous substantial, hot meals in large pots. Each pot can provide nourishment for up to 300 individuals. Attendees bring containers to the kitchens, where dedicated volunteers fill them with food, catering to a daily number of 50,000 to 70,000 people.

There are six kitchens in the south:

  • Rafah at the Qatari Hospital
  • Rafah at the UN Log base
  • Rafah crossing
  • Deir Al Balah/Abu Assad
  • Khan Younis/Sanabel
  • Mawasi, Khan Younis

Here’s how you can make an immediate impact for families in need. 

  • $10 can provide one blanket to a family in need
  • $50 can provide a hygiene kit or emergency medical aid
  • $50 can provide a pot that feeds 180 people 
  • $75 can provide five mattresses to displaced families or other non-food items
  • $100 can provide a psychosocial support session for 100-150 children
  • $300 can deliver six month’s worth of food package for family of five

Through your zakat or sadaqah, support Palestinian families with hot meals

Join us in making a difference – donate today to share the blessings of Ramadan with those who need it most in Gaza


Why we need your help

The situation in Palestine is deteriorating as suffering and violence have escalated. Airstrikes directed at Gaza and raids conducted in various towns across the West Bank are worsening the situation.

For several years now, our brothers and sisters in Palestine have consistently experienced a rise in violence throughout the year.

Your support and donation will be a lifeline to so many families in Palestine.

Why give with HADI Relief?

HADI Relief is concentrating on procuring food parcels, water, and hygiene kits for displaced families and coordinating with the UN and other organizations to cover all essential relief areas. Our partners in Gaza work with local vendors to coordinate immediate purchases of food, water, hygiene kits, blankets, and mattresses.

Additionally, our partners will procure medicines and healthcare supplies for emergency medical services, blood bags, and much-needed psychosocial support for children and families.


Q: How do you get aid into Gaza?

A: We collaborate with partners who have warehouses of emergency relief items. However, these resources are limited, and we need additional emergency aid to reach us, which depends on open borders.

Q: Who does HADI Relief collaborate with locally?

A: We partner with UN-recognized local organizations, enabling them to procure vital resources and services. We also conduct immediate assessments to pinpoint individuals or communities in urgent need of support.

Q: Will my donation go directly to Gaza and the West Bank?

A: Yes, your donation will only be spent on Palestine.

More Emergency Appeals

Donate and make a difference today

Feed the Fasting

This Ramadan, ensure that no family is left hungry. With your zakat or sadaqah of $50, you can make sure a family has bread to break in Suhoor and Iftar. 

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