Rohingya Refugee Humanitarian Crisis

“The Rohingya refugee crisis is a tragic example of the consequences of failing to protect the most vulnerable members of our global community. We cannot turn a blind eye to the suffering of the Rohingya people, who have faced persecution, violence, and displacement on an unimaginable scale.” – Audrey Azoulay


500,000 children living in camps.


According to the United Nations, over 1 million Rohingya refugees have fled from Myanmar to neighboring Bangladesh since 2017.

The refugees live in overcrowded and unsanitary conditions, with limited access to basic services like clean water, food, and healthcare.

The refugees are also vulnerable to trafficking, exploitation, and violence, including sexual and gender-based violence.

The majority of the refugees are children, with over 500,000 Rohingya children living in refugee camps in Bangladesh.




Why we need your help

According to the UN, the Rohingya people have been forced to flee their homes and have sought refuge in Cox’s Bazar in Bangladesh. With over 900,000 refugees-including more than 400,000 children-this is the fastest-growing refugee crisis in the world.

The UN has stated that the concentration of refugees in Cox’s Bazar is among the highest in the world. As of October 2022, more than 943,000 stateless Rohingya refugees were living in Ukhiya and Teknaf Upazilas, most of them in 34 overcrowded camps. The Kutupalong-Balukhali Expansion Site alone is host to more than 635,000 Rohingya refugees-which makes it the world’s largest refugee camp.

The majority of those that escaped their homes experienced immense trauma from witnessing atrocities. The refugees have access to essentials such as food and medical care, however, they are still prone to peril due to their living conditions-with no shelter from intermittent rains and total reliance on aid.


Why give with HADI Relief?

  • We partnered with local communities who are working on the ground.

  • Our top priority is to ensure that the maximum amount of your contribution goes towards assisting the most vulnerable individuals.

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