Syrian Humanitarian Crisis

“The Syrian crisis is a human tragedy of unprecedented scale. Millions of people have been displaced, and hundreds of thousands have lost their lives. We cannot stand by and watch as this crisis continues to unfold.” – Ursula von der Leyen


13 million people in need of help


According to the United Nations, over 13 million people in Syria are in need of humanitarian assistance, including 6 million children.

The ongoing conflict in Syria has resulted in the displacement of over 6.6 million people within the country, and over 5.6 million refugees who have fled to neighboring countries.

The conflict has caused widespread damage to infrastructure, including hospitals and schools, and has severely disrupted access to basic services like healthcare and education.

The conflict has also had a significant impact on children, with many experiencing trauma, loss, and disruptions to their education and development.



Why we need your help


For over a decade, Syria has been embroiled in a complex situation of suffering and deprivation. This has posed the toughest problems for children. Poverty and unemployment are two of the most difficult issues for Syrian refugees.

UNICEF reports that over 6 million children have been affected by the Syrian conflict, with close to 3 million living in other nations as refugees, which is an increase of nearly 1 million since 2011. The Syrian conflict has brought about immense destruction to children, with more than 10,000 kids having been killed and countless more wounded. Moreover, kids have had to deal with being driven out of their homes, being divided from their families, and witnessing violence.

The plight of Syrian refugees is often desperate, with many residing in temporary structures like tents or incomplete buildings, and others sleeping out in the open or in abandoned properties.

Numerous refugees are facing difficulty in meeting their essential needs, such as sustenance, apparel, and warmth. In the colder months, the weather can be particularly hard to endure since numerous refugees don’t possess the resources to acquire warm clothes or suitable housing.

The war has had a tremendous effect on education too. As per UNICEF, more than 2 million kids are not attending school. This is a tremendous surge from prior to the battle when only about 250,000 children were not enrolled. In addition, numerous schools in Syria have been harmed or demolished, which makes it difficult for kids to keep on learning.



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  • We partnered with local communities who are working on the ground.

  • Our top priority is to ensure that the maximum amount of your contribution goes towards assisting the most vulnerable individuals.

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