Winter Appeal: Help Vulnerable Children Stay Warm and Healthy!

As winter approaches, the challenges faced by orphans, refugee children, and conflict-devastated communities intensify. Join HADI Relief’s Winter Campaign across Afghanistan, Palestine, Pakistan, Lebanon, Turkiye, and Yemen to ensure a safer, warmer winter for these vulnerable families

Helping our venerable children across the world

About Us

Join our Winter Campaign to make a meaningful impact. Your contribution directly ensures these children have essential resources to endure the colder months.


Thank you for considering this opportunity to support our cause. Together, we bring warmth, comfort, and hope to those who need it most.


How You Can Help​

  • $40: Supports five children with a nutritious hot meal at school.


  • $75: Offers a winter pack with clothing and a hot meal for a child.


  • $100: Provide a family winter kit for a month, which includes clothing, blankets, and food.


  • $200: Can offer emergency medical care and aid.

Afghanistan - Urgent Appeal for Warmth and Health Aid

Afghanistan is grappling with one of the most significant humanitarian crises globally, and the onset of harsh winters compounds the challenges. Families lack efficient means to stay warm, resulting in severe frostbite and health issues, and tragically, some even succumb to freezing temperatures. You can be a lifeline, offering warmth and essential health aid to those in Afghanistan who urgently require your assistance.

Pakistan - Comfort Amid Harsh Winters

In Pakistan, where numerous orphans endure the cold without the comforting embrace of family warmth, HADI’s initiative shines as a beacon of hope. Supplying winter essentials like jackets, sweaters, hats, and gloves ensures these vulnerable children can endure the cold. Beyond merely warding off the chill, a blanket provides not just warmth but also a comforting layer of care.

Palestine - Fight the Freeze This Winter for Widows & Orphans

Winter poses challenges for women and children globally, but in Palestine, compounded by ongoing conflict, the situation becomes even more dire. Securing essentials such as food, clean water, warm shelter, and healthcare is nearly impossible, and the cold winter exacerbates these difficulties. Let’s extend warmth and hope to orphaned children and widowed mothers in need.


Lebanon - Nourishing Support Amid Refugee Challenges

In Lebanon, where a substantial refugee population faces the winter without adequate nutrition, HADI Relief takes action by providing hot meals for schoolchildren. This initiative not only integrates education but also ensures essential nourishment. Meals like chicken with rice and servings of fruits and vegetables enable these children to stay focused on learning despite their adversities.


Turkiye - Providing Assistance During Seasonal Challenges

In Turkiye, where refugee children seek a sense of normalcy, we offer more than just education; it extends the warmth of winter clothing. As temperatures drop, the foundation ensures that boots and socks are available to safeguard the little feet treading the path to school.

Yemen - Supporting Resilience Amid Crisis

The persistent crisis in Yemen exacerbates the challenges its young students face during the cold weather. HADI’s intervention, providing winter apparel and blankets, is crucial in bolstering their resilience. In classrooms, the distribution of hot meals, including yogurt and vegetables, nourishes their bodies and kindles hope for a brighter future.

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